Thought for the Day (or a few days)

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Garden Photos!

I waited a bit to let the wisteria pop out some more.  Oh I how I love the smell too.  I wish I could some how send that over the blog as well.  Know that sitting on the swing under it is the most amazing experience.  I love, love this time of the year! Daffodils, peach the roses have started to leaf out too.  The first bloom is always the best!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life is moving at a fast pace.  It seems to have picked up speed lately.  I woke up to the most beautiful day this morning..  My daffodils are up with more just starting to peak out from the ground.  The wisteria is beginning it's bloom.  (I'll post a pick tomorrow) Spring is my most favorite time of the year!  I spent much of today outside in the garden getting things trimmed, planted and fertilized.  The peach tree is in full dark pink bloom.  The nectarine tree is finished with it's bloom and full of green leaves.  The apricot and plum are just starting to pop out their flowers, reminding me of the the song, "Pop Corn Popping on the Apricot Tree".  I could just stay out in the yard all day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love.  As the holidays and now January flies by, February the month of Love is soon here.  (I know that then we are heading towards spring, my favorite time of the year!)  February gives us a holiday dedicated to those in love.  It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, candy or sweets and send cards know as valentines.  I know that this time of year gives me a time to recall those whom I love and have loved.
There are so many different kinds of love, friendship, romantic, unconditional. Our Savior Jesus Christ showed the ultimate in love for us by giving of Himself as shown through his lifetime of serving others and ultimately offering His life as a sacrifice for all of us.  I know this is the kind of love God wants each of us to exemplify in our lives and particularly in our marriages.
I have been cleaning out the boxes of "stuff" from my mom's things.  I had a box from the cedar chest of all the cards and pictures she had saved throughout the years.  I sat down last night and had the most bittersweet experience.  I saw a woman who gave of herself tirelessly making others feel special.  There were so many cards of thanks for the gifts the notes and the help she had offered so many.  From Mother's Club at St. Emydius, The Junior Catholic Daughters, friends and family, my mother was there to help or offer a card, gift or support.  All the cards from high school, college graduations, marriages, baptisms, funeral cards were there.  I had a walk down memory lane with all the names I read.  I also read all the thank you cards that were sent to my mom.  What sweet notes everyone wrote to her.  They were all so special and she kept everyone!  I had such a great example in front of me my whole life of a loving and caring woman.  She was emulating our Savior, that I know. The things that were in her life are now gone.  (I did save some of the cards and notes)  I pondered that with my daughter and husband the other day.  How we are here in our lives and how it can all just be gone.  I know this is the way it is planned, we are born and we are here just like that and we go just like that as well.  I hope that we learn as we are here to be like our Savior, like my mom tried to do, as we make this journey home.  To have the unconditional love for others. To serve our fellow man, to love each other!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving week is here and then the Christmas Season will begin.  I know it will all zoom by as the days have a way of doing!  Remember to take the time to be with friends and family.  I mean to be with them, not just be there but to give them your attention and love.  Life moves so fast.  It really is short as I am realizing lately as I will never get it all done unless I live to be a 120 years old! (without disability)

We don't have to get it all done, just give it our best with no regrets!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving, count your many blessings and have a fun and joyous Christmas Season.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


October was the last time I posted here? Wow, how time can fly. Well, I have two blogs, a caring bridge and a family and much has happened since October. Excuses, that is what I am good at coming up with! I see the last post was when we were having issues with my mom, Helen. She has been having issues for quite some time actually with her Alzheimer's and medical issues.
Alzheimer's is a horrible disease, slowly taking your loved ones from you. My mother was kidnapped by this disease but Helen passed away peacefully on April 8, 2011. There were three of us there, my brother, my daughter Michelle and myself. I saw her take her last breath and we were all there for her. She was at peace finally and although I miss her and have been missing her, I am so grateful for this. I had prayed for her to go to Heaven for such a long time. I was angry at God, frustrated she had to live like this. I resolved my frustrations, counted my blessings and dug in with caregiving and making sure Helen was safe and taken care of through all this. We had many nights of calling out. Many nights of me saying, "mom, just go to sleep." I know she just couldn't as her brain did what it does as connections are lost. So many are going through this now. I pray for them. I know that now my sweet angel mother is looking after me again. I am so grateful to my parents, Aaron and Helen,for their love, a love I never doubted and it was unconditional! They are together again, looking down on me! No disabilities, smiles and joy are thiers! Thank you Heavenly Father for holding them in your arms. I am at peace as I know they are now!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mom out of the Hospital

Helen was so happy to be out of the hospital, I taped her joy. Now she repeated what I told her to say but on the way home she said she was going to say, "yahoo!" when she got back inside her home and in her chair. I kept to her promise. Much has been happening over the past few months. Caregiver change, mom changes and now a hospice consult as she never wants to return to the hospital again. This past year has seen many changes and little by little Helen is leaving us. She still has many things she remembers and knows us all still. I am grateful for that. I want her to have dignity in this disease process and only want the best. To keep her safe and happy is now the primary goal.

Pictures from the Play!

Had a great time doing a play in Hollywood. Had my doubts initially and then, wow, what a great time. All the cast was a wonderful talented group. Our Director Drew was just a great guy! I could do this again!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am in a play. I am Mrs. Robertson and it runs for four Wednesdays ending Oct.13th. Contact me for tickets if you are heading into Hollywood or just want to go to see the play.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Blog Holiday

Since my last posting there has been so much happening that I can not even write it down. Caregiver issues. Caregivers needed and caregivers obtained has been a full time job. Mark's dad, as well, now needs the help of caregivers.
I am now the manage health care provider for my mom, the personal shopper, the accountant to name a few. She has progressed in her disease but still knows all of us and remembers many of the old times. I have now tried to really listen to what she talks about. I know that the stories have sometimes gotten mixed together but they are interesting just the same.
I have a safe return bracelet that she needs to wear as she had a "adventure" the other day with getting lost with in Leisure World.
Many mornings she will weigh herself and she has been 103#, 113# and then returning to her average weight of greater than 160#. I smile when she tells me of her weight.
Nothing is wrong with Helen at this time according to her. She does ask why she needs to have he caregivers. There is nothing wrong. I look for the smiles, and do the best I can keeping her safe and happy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letter to all

Dear Everyone,
I'm writing to share the news that my mom, Helen, has been diagnosed with symptoms of Demnetia/Alzheimer's disease. We've all been noticing changes and are relieved to have an explanation. Helen has begun treatment to slow the disease's progression and is unfazed. She still thinks that there is nothing wrong with her and her behaviors at this time.
Please know that Helen is still the same person she was before this diagnosis. Although some activities are more challenging and her short-term memory is poorer, Helen 's general health is now back to where she was priviously. Doctors explain that this disease affects everyone at a different pace and in different ways. It usually progresses pretty slowly. Our hope, of course, is that my mom remains stable for years and, with everyone's love and support, continues to live a happy life. There is no cure today -- but we remain hopeful that there will be one in time to help my mom and millions of others. Please keep us in your thoughts at this difficult time -- and don't be a stranger. Helen still likes to play cards, take short walks and see friends and family. She'll enjoy short visits to talk about old times. Alzheimer's experts say families, too, need the support of friends and family as this disease progresses and takes up more of our time and energy. Your continued
involvement will cheer all of us. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or want to know specific ways to lend a hand. I'll keep you posted on her condition and changing needs. Thanks for caring.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

In Minya

Old Friends in Minya. Some of the women returned again to hear us speak!

Starting the Medical Mission In Egypt

We began our Mission April 19, 2010

The train to Minia.
Our group, Laurie, Lucinda, Nancy, Minia our translator, Ragaa and Brooke
Cairo. A view from my room of the Nile and the surrounding city. Always busy, a city that never sleeps, there is always someone up driving around honking thier horns.
When I first arrived to Maadi outside of Cairo, where my cousins live, I was wisked away for a wonderful, relaxing trip to Ain Sokhna on the Bay of Suez. Ain Sukhna, the Arabic for "hot spring", was named after the nearby sulfur springs. The springs originate at Gebel Ataka, the northern most mountain in the Eastern Desert. As we sat on the beach, the cool wind blew and we could see the Sinai across the beautiful blue water. The young ones got into the water, but I was just too cold to attempt it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I missed March!

Time can fly by, that is for sure. March was fun. So many birthdays and I turned 50! It is not so bad. My family had a GREAT party for me as I wanted to celebrate for this big birthday. I have put is some pictures of the event and I know we all had a great time. Michelle, Greg, Mark, Jen and Becky and Mike did so much to help so that it was a special event in my life. Thank you to all. I love you!